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To The Eternal Author, Ruler, And Judge, Of The Whole Universe,

God Three In One, All-Powerful, Wise, And Good,
The Abyss Of Justice And Of Providence,
The Father Of Mercy, The Thrice Great And Good,
Who Fills The Heaven With Your Glory,
The Sea With Your Power,
The Earth With Your Wisdom,
And All Things With Your Goodness, Nay With Your Very Self,
To The Most High Over All The Earth,
Whose Eyes Are Brighter Than The Sun,
Beholding Round About All The Ways Of Men.
The Great King, Above All Gods,
Who Alone Has Immortality, And Inhabits Light Inaccessible;
Who Have Ordered All Things In Measure And Number And Weight.
In Whom We Live, Move, And Are:
Who Opens Your Hand, And Fills With Blessing Every Living Creature;
Who Are The Beginning And The End
And The Supreme Good Of All Rational Creatures.
I Am Yours, All Things Are Yours.
Of Whom, By Whom, And In Whom Are All Things.
For What Have I In Heaven?
And Beside You, What Do I Desire Upon Earth?

O My God And My All!