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Almighty GOD, who has spared our lives and brought us to the beginning of another day, we lift up our hearts to You. We thank You for rest during the past night, for life preserved, and strength renewed, and for the many tokens of Your lovingkindness which surround us.

We thank You also for our religious privileges; especially for Your Sabbath, with its precious opportunities of instruction. We pray that the truths which we hear on Your holy day may influence us throughout the week. May we thus become more wise, more earnest, more spiritually minded.

And now, O Lord, prepare us for the duties and trials which lie before us. Whatever we have to do, may we do it willingly and heartily, as unto You. and not as unto men. Show us our besetting sins, and grant that we may watch and fight against them. Give us grace to take up our cross, whatever it may be, to exercise constant self-denial, and in all things to follow our Master, Christ.

If we should be tempted this day to impatience and anger, enable us to remember Him, who when He was reviled did not revile again, when He suffered he did not  threaten. Give us more of the mind which was in Christ Jesus. Make us more like Him in lowliness and meekness. Make us kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another; ready to bear each other s burdens, and so to fulfil the law of Christ.

Do not let the world with its cares and vanities fill our hearts this day, and thus make us forget the worth of our souls, the love of our Savior, and the nearness of eternity. While we are busy in the world, may our hearts rise above it.

May Your Holy Spirit continually quicken and guide, cleanse and sanctify us. May He work in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. May He implant within us pure desires and heavenly affections, and teach our tongues to speak Your praise.

Make us, O God, a blessing to one another; help us to strengthen one another’s faith, and to assist one another in the way to heaven. Be with our absent relatives and friends, and bring them all to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Lord, watch over us, and all who are dear to us, this day. Defend our souls from the assaults of the wicked one, and preserve our bodies in health and safety. O let nothing draw our hearts from You. May all Your wise and merciful dealings bind us more closely to You and fit us better for Your service. May we walk in the light of Your countenance, and know the happiness of those who have the Lord for their God. Hear us, Heavenly Father, and when You hear us forgive us, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Book: Family Prayers for Eight Weeks
Author: Charles Brooks
Edited by: Karrol 2018