Monday Morning Prayer

THE night is departed; the daylight is come; awake then, O soul and heart, praise our God, and meditate on what His will appoints to you today to do for Him!
O Lord God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, You are the only true and living God, who has made heaven and earth, light and darkness, day and night, times and seasons, and has maintained them in unshaken order for the welfare of us Your children. You have been our Guardian through this night, and that we are yet united together, that we are alive and well, is of Your goodness. We thank You that You have kept us in the shelter of Your hand, so that when darkness was around us, when sleep had closed our eyes, and we lay helpless and lonely in unconsciousness. You have guarded us from sin and shame, from fear and terror, from harm and loss, from sickness and death. And we would remember in this morning hour the many benefits we have received from Your fatherly hand; how You didst create us with soul and body, when as yet we were not; didst redeem us when we were lost; didst sanctify us when we had forsaken You; and have preserved us to this day, though we are not worthy of Your care. And since we receive all these Your gifts afresh with the new day, and are as it were born afresh to a new life, so let us anew offer ourselves to You, and praise and love and honor You with all we are and all we have, to-day and for evermore.
Now, O my God, You know that every day has also its own trouble; that we are sinful and weak and heavy-laden, and every morning feel anew our cares and our infirmities. Let not then Your kindness cease from us, visit us not for our sins with Your displeasure; forsake us not, that the enemy of our souls may have no advantage over us. Let not to-day be a day of falling in which we trifle with Your grace; let not our conscience sleep, O Father of Light, when our bodily eyes are open; let us do and say and think and undertake nothing that can hurt our neighbor or our own souls. May we put on the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness, and as children of light be found of You and all men. God-fearing, just, truthful, upright, prudent, modest, and temperate. Let us not eat the bread of idleness; but let all indolence, indifference, and disorder be far from our occupations. Let us throughout the day fulfil the necessary duties of our various callings, forgetting nothing, neglecting nothing; failing neither through haste and impatience, nor a presumptuous procrastination. O Lord, we will do all things to-day in Your name, so let us begin with gladness and end with joy. Show us Yourself in everything how we may best promote Your glory and be of use to others. Grant us to bear the burden and heat of the day with patience, and give us to-day our daily bread. To You we commit ourselves from morn to evening; prosper You our words and works.
Gracious God and merciful Father! You have once more caused Your sun to rise on the evil and the good. Have mercy then on both; and let no human being this day fall to utter ruin whether of body or soul. Grant that to-day throughout Christendom You mayst be truly served; that in all temporal government some good and wise measures may be resolved on; that in every family something useful may be accomplished; and so this day maybe hallowed by each in his own way and to Your glory. Hear You Your pious children who cry to You in the morning. Forgive the godless who are beginning the day without prayer, and are about to spend one more day without You. Look down in pity on all the sick and suffering, the sorrowful, and the timid. Be the guide of the travelers who are starting to-day upon their journey. Provide for the poor who know not this day what they may have to eat and drink. Grant to all who would gain an honest living the opportunity of work to-day; and let all laborers fulfil with honesty their daily task. Guard those whose lawful work summons them to danger; and uphold those who sink and are weary beneath the burden of their toil. To You we commend ourselves, those whom we love, all with whom we come in contact; have mercy, O God, on all Your creatures, and Yours be the praise and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Neumann 1648-1715.