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Friday Morning Prayer
LORD our God, we will praise You and speak of Your love, for Your goodness is unbounded, and Your mercy is unfathomable. Great is Your grace and glorious is Your righteousness; long-suffering and faithful are You, and holy in all Your works. Lord, we acknowledge our unworthiness and Your greatness, our nothingness and Your perfection. Without You we can do nothing, but You can give us all things.

We are weak, but in You is our strength; we are ignorant, but in You is our light; we are helpless, but You are the Fountain of all the good things that we enjoy. In truth, we are not worthy of the mercies that You have bestowed on us. We praise You, O heavenly Father, that You have created us in Your image, and have called on us to bring our souls and bodies a living sacrifice to You, which is our reasonable service.

We therefore offer to You our wills; let us wish and purpose only what You will. We offer to You our lips; let us use them for Your praise, not to utter shameful words or foolish and unseemly talk. We offer to You our members; make them the instruments of righteousness, and let us not misuse them in any wrong or sinful act. We bring You our hearts, impure and blemished though they be; wash them in the blood of Christ, cleanse them by Your Holy Spirit, sanctify them to be Your temple wherein You reign, filling them with living faith, grace and love. We consecrate to You our lives; may we live henceforward according to Your Word, and obey in all things the inward voice of Your Spirit.

So would we show our thankfulness to You; teach us to thank You better and better. You have been our Guide from childhood, You have led us wondrously, saved us in many a danger, preserved us from many a calamity. You have comforted us in sorrow, and kept us from sinking under cares and anxieties. You have heard our prayers, and borne with our misdoings. Therefore shall Your praise be ever in our lips, now and for ever. Amen (Modern anon.)