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Saturday Morning Prayer
MOST merciful God and Father, we commend ourselves and all that we have to Your Almighty hands, and pray You preserve us by Your good Spirit from all sin, misfortune, and grief of heart. Give us the Spirit of grace and prayer, that we may have a consoling trust in Your love, and that our sighs and petitions may be acceptable in Your sight. Give us the Spirit of faith to kindle a bright flame of true and blessed faith in our hearts, that we may have a living knowledge of salvation, and our whole life may be a thank-offering for the mercies we have received. Give us the Spirit of love, that we may experience the sweetness of Your love toward us, and also love You in return; and render our obedience not from constraint like slaves, but with the willing and joyful hearts of children. And let the love of You work in us a genuine love to our fellow-men, warm and unselfish, not considering what profit or harm we may expect from them, but ready always to do for them what we would have them do for us. Bless Your word and all the means of grace to our use, and let us grow daily more and more, — by patience, gentleness, sobriety, and humility, — into the likeness of Your dear Son.

We pray not only for ourselves, but according to His command for all men whom You have created, redeemed, and called to Your grace. Have mercy on the darkness in which so many nations and so large a portion of the world are yet lying, and let them be enlightened by the light of Your dear Son and Your holy Gospel. Have mercy on the whole Christian Church. Look especially on the congregations of faithful men to whom You have entrusted the precious treasure of Your true Gospel; preserve them in the faith, teach them to walk worthy of the high calling wherewith they are called; purify them from all abuses and evils, and let them bring forth much fruit. Have mercy on those congregations into which many errors have crept; lead them into the right way, and let all hearts be united in one Spirit in the bonds of love and peace, that at last divisions may have an end.

O bounteous God, pour out Your blessing on all families, and on all the lawful occupations of men. Make our land fruitful, and suffer us to enjoy its fruits in health, peace, and thankfulness. Especially we commend to Your fatherly goodness all who are in any affliction, the sick and the sorrowful, the tempted and the destitute, the captives and those who are oppressed by war or tyranny. Comfort them by Your Holy Spirit; let not their trials be too sore for them; give them patience and an inward assurance of Your goodness. Let their sufferings work together for the purifying of their souls and the renewal of the inner man; and in outward things do to them as seems best to Your fatherly wisdom. Now we commit ourselves and all Your children everywhere into Your hands; grant that in soul and body, in all our works and ways, we may show forth Your glory and our gratitude, through Jesus Christ our only Saviour, to whom with You and the Holy Ghost be all praise and glory, forever and ever. Amen (Spener, 1676)