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Thursday Morning Prayers
MERCIFUL God, whose loving-kindness and faithfulness are new every morning, we once more thank You with heart and lips that You have bade us arise from our beds in health and peace, and have preserved our bodies from harm and our souls from sin. How great is Your goodness, O Lord, so that men trust under the shadow of Your wings, and find there a secure refuge.
Once more we behold the daylight, give us therefore grace to walk in the light, and avoid the works of darkness. May we count that day as lost wherein we have bowed to the service of the evil world, and ruled our lives by its fashions and follies, of which we shall have to give account at Your judgment-seat. Let us rather consecrate ourselves to Your service; . in all our wishes, thoughts, and undertakings may we seek what is pleasing in Your sight, and may the whole day thus be hallowed to You. Let us ever so live and speak and act as though this day might be our last
But now, O Lord, after the dark hours wherein we lay as children in Your fatherly arms, You have once more bestowed, as it were, a new life upon us, whither then shall we turn but to You? We knock at Your door of grace, we approach the Fountain of blessing, whence mercy after mercy, help after help, is ever flowing forth to the children of men. Give us counsel when we are in perplexity, direct and control all our plans by Your will; kindle in us such a flame of love, that we may to-day show our Christian faith in our works, and continue in charity with You and our neighbors, till we reach the evening in the peace of a good conscience. What You bless is blessed; and when You open Your hand, all living things are filled with plenteousness. Hear then the voice of our prayer when we call upon You, and keep not silence, O our God. Let the cry of the poor, the sick, and the sorrowful find acceptance with You. And hearken graciously to the prayers of all Your people, of all whom we love, and to these our imperfect petitions for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen (Stark J 1740)

Book: Prayers From the Collection of the Late Baron Bunsen